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The slot machine or one-armed bandit, as it has become known, was invented in the early 1800s by Charles Fey. The object of these mechanical games of chance is to match the winning combination of symbols displayed in the payout schedule on the front of the slot machine.

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Rock N' Slots

Rock N' Slots

If the symbols displayed, once the machine comes to rest, match any of the combinations in the payout schedule, you win.

You don't need to hit Cash Out to retrieve your winnings. Every time you win, your casino account balance is automatically updated. Your winnings appear as credits.

If you're playing the $5 machine and get a combination that pays out 4 credits, you win 4 x $5 = $20.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Hook, Line and Sinker

Slot machines assign different values for payout based on the combination of symbols and how they align when the reels stop spinning.

Your winnings do not accumulate as credits within our machines. Each time you win, your winnings are deposited directly into your account balance, so you do not have to hit Cash Out when you want to leave the game - your winnings have already been placed in your account.

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